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The second-largest search engine has added a component to search results that is real-time.

What was that?  Yahoo?

No.  YouTube.  YouTube is the web’s second-largest search engine.  If you’re still in the camp of, “It’s just a video destination,” it’s high-time you started thinking something else.

The truth of the matter is: YouTube is a video / discussion destination. If you mosey on over to YouTube’s TestTube, you’ll see that they have recently added the Comment Search component.  This allows you to search through comments made on any video on YouTube in real-time.

What this means for online reputation

This new component means there is yet another place to monitor any mentions of your brand. This new feature is wonderful, because you’ll discover comments about brands on videos that may not even have any relation to the brand at all.  For instance, I did a quick search for any mentions of one of our current clients and found many mentions that have been in comments over the last five days.  Often, these comments were made on videos that don’t have a direct relation to the client.  Like message boards, a topic about the newest movies might start going in the direction of the benefits of owning a home, or if someone likes a car that they mentioned.

Seeing as how YouTube is the second largest search engine, there can be a ton of information to weed through to find what’s relevant to your brand. Please let us know if you need help in setting up and executing an online reputation strategy that has you covered.

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