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This playlist started with 42 blog posts I had marked to review for possible inclusion. I’ve narrowed it down to 7 of the best PPC blog posts since last edition of my playlist in March. Avinash always challenges analysts to provide actionable data and not just “puke data”. Ensure your insights and reports contain actionable tasks with posts from this playlist.

Amplified Gold Posts

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • Writing Better PPC Reports: There is a fine line in providing valuable reporting for your clients or boss. You can get too granular or too high level. This article offers great tips on what to include and what to omit to improve the effectiveness of your reports.
  • PPC Reports: How to Highlight Meaningful Metrics Using Data Visualization: The inclusion of charts and graphs enhance the presentation of data, making it easy to consume and understand. But how do you choose which metrics to put in your chart? And which chart to use? Bar? Line? Pie? Read this great post on how to create “un-sucky” reports.

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • The Long Tail is Dead: Meet the Wide Tail: PPC has definitely evolved.  I remember at my first PPC job building GIANT keyword lists using concatenate in Excel to target “long tail” keywords. David even wrote this post prior to Google rolling out the most recent changes to phrase and exact match(another blow to the “long tail”). Read up to make sure you are leveraging the wide tail in PPC.
  • The Who, When & Why Of PPC Account Audits: Brad Geddes is always full of great PPC tips. PPC audits should be a regular part of managing PPC accounts. Brad provides great ideas on how to make sure your audits are effective and actionable.

What PPC post did you read recently that you bookmarked?

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I’ve been in rap mode lately and I’m loving the latest album from Jay Z and Kanye West. Here’s a single from the album that I’ve been digging:

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