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Were you too busy this last month to uncover the PPC gems of the interwebz? Don’t fret, I picked through my reader and ranked 11 posts from the last month.

This is the first post of my monthly PPC roundup. In an effort to stick to the roots of our brand (Amplify) I ranked the posts like music record awards. Diamond posts being the best, and then Platinum, and Gold.

Certified Gold PPC Posts

  • Aaron Wall the SEO master shares a great post on keyword grouping tools. It’s written for SEO but PPC needs keyword love too.
  • How many times have you been asked “What do you do for a living?” and regardless of how you answer you usually get blank stares. There’s a fun discussion over on Sphinn about different ways you can answer this question. Most people assume I do IT.
  • Adwords is constantly rolling out new features and options. On the Adwords blog they have a quick list of relatively new 5 no brainer PPC ad innovations. Here at Amplify we’ve seen great results from all 5.

Certified Platinum PPC Posts

Certified Diamond PPC Posts

Did I miss any PPC posts from the last month that you felt are deserving? Post them in the comments.

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