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It seems like every time I’ve come in to work over the past month, AdWords has released a new beta. A lot of these betas are really exciting, but it’s hard to keep track of them when we’re being bombarded with beta releases 4 times a week. One beta, however, does deserve 5 minutes of your time: Review Extensions.

Review extensions basically allow you to show a short review from a creditable third party along with the name of the third party (which is a link to the site)  in your ad. The character limit is 67, including the third party name, which is another 67 characters you get to convince a user to click on your ad. Not only do these extensions add credibility to your ads, but they also get your ad even closer to looking like an organic result.

Check out the full article from Google here & go talk to your Google rep about this AWESOME new feature!

Review Extensions





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