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You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes after you realize you’ve made a big mistake? (HINT: It’s similar to what the man with this tattoo will be feeling when he learns how to spell.) REGRET. It SUCKS. As humans, we’ve all experienced our fair share of moments of regret – but one of the settings we’d, or at least I’d, like to avoid this feeling in most is at work.

These days, when time is money, getting things done quickly is a great skill to have. Unchecked though, it can backfire. When we rush through things too quickly without employing checks and balances – that’s when we make mistakes, and when we  start to regret all that time we thought we “saved”. And it SUCKS. The word “FAIL” runs through your mind in big, red block letters. In the background is an endless reel of “FAIL” gifs. (At least some of them are painfully adorable.)


One of the most mistake-prone areas in paid search is during the launch of a campaign or account. There are so many factors to consider, and one “small” oversight could result in some pretty serious consequences. This also, because the universe is unfair, tends to be the time when the most is at stake. Whether it’s the start of a relationship with a new client or a new test that requires financial buy-in, it’s important to get things right the first time.

Enter “The Campaign Launch Checklist”

I created The Checklist a couple of years ago because I hate doing things incorrectly, and most of all, I hate knowing that I could have avoided the whole mess of regret if I’d just slowed down. Before I can launch any campaign or new account, I go through the checklist line by line and check each item off once I’ve verified it’s correct/complete. It’s painful for me. As I mentioned, I like to get things done fast. In school, I was the kid who finished their test first and still got an A. So it’s hard, grueling even, to complete this process, but those painful few moments are SO MUCH better than that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when things go wrong. 

Why do you care?

Maybe you don’t, but if you’re anything like me (Type A, impatient, etc.) you’ve identified with a number of the sentiments I’ve expressed here. Download this checklist. I promise it will make your life better. I’ve created it based around my own needs and best practices, but feel free to add/take away/change things to make it your own.

Don’t be like the guy with the tattoo. Suffer through the checklist, and then go have a cold beer, because you got that shit launched. And you did it right. Live on, and REGRET NOTHING.

PPC/AdWords Campaign Setup Checklist Template

PS. To all of you who are detail-oriented, you probably don’t need this checklist because you have a special gift for double-checking things. You might however, also like to feel accomplished by checking things off a list, so go ahead and download this anyway. It’ll be incredibly satisfying.

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