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If you have an RSS feed, you should (if you haven’t already) go set up a Feedburner account and burn that feed. What does Feedburner do, exactly? Well, simply put, it dresses up your RSS feed, gives you greater control over the look and feel and gives you the ability to set-up email subscriptions. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here are some quick tips on how to optimize your Feedburner feed:

  1. Make it compatible to any feed reader. If it’s not activated, you should browse to the Optimize tab and activate the SmartFeed option.
  2. Give your readers the tools to share your content easily. You can include options to allow the reader of your feed content to email it to others, email the author, share it on Facebook and more. To look at all of the built-in options, navigate to the Optimize tab and then to FeedFlare.
  3. Allow readers to subscribe to your content via an email subscription. Not everyone “gets” what an RSS feed is (or what the heck to do with it!). In this case, giving those users the option to subscribe to your content via an email that automatically gets sent out whenever you publish new content is preferable. You can even enable options to customize the email address that sends out the emails, the font and color of the email text and more. To see all of the options available for email, click on over to the Publicize tab then Email Subscriptions.
  4. Make sure your feed is branded! When someone is searching for feeds to subscribe to, make sure yours stands out with your company or blog logo. To add a logo to your feed, you can go to the Optimize tab then select the drop down menu option “Specify custom image URL” in the Feed Image Burner section.

With some quick changes here and there, you can truly make your Feedburner feed stand out above all others!

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