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Amplify-Interactive-ArticlesIt’s been a busy year on the content creation front here at Amplify Interactive. We’ve been averaging two posts per week (including these roundups), and we’ve enjoyed all the great feedback we’ve gotten. Creating blog posts is not only a way of contributing to the community and helping others, it’s also a great thinking exercise and a great way to get deep into your subject matter. You know what they say- the best way to learn is to teach! Since it’s almost mid-year, we thought this would be a good time to reflect on some of our most popular posts of the year. Here they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

1) 7 Tips: Maximizing Your Google AdWords Budget

by Ashley Kennedy

Maximizing your budget is a core competency of the PPC practitioner. Here Ashley gives some great tips on maximizing your AdWords budget.  

2) Google Analytics Part 2: Standard Reports & Key Metrics

by Jessica Ward

This has been one of our more popular posts of the year. This article looks at the standard reports that come with a Google Analytics account, as well as definitions of key metrics that are used in website analytics. Maybe you’re saying “hold on a minute, I don’t even have Google Analytics set up!” Never fear, for part one of the series which guides you through Basic Google Analytics Setup is here. We’ve got you covered!

3) New Case Study! How We Increased Call Volume by 254% with PPC

by Ben Lloyd

It’s always good to let the numbers do the talking, and that’s what Ben does in this case study. Simply put, we increased call volume by 254% while decreasing cost per call by 65%. Not bad! As Dizzy Dean once said, “it ain’t bragging if you done it!”

4) 4 Ways to Get Big Results from New PPC Campaigns

by Ryan Campbell

Developing new PPC campaigns can be hard work and it can take some time to get sufficient performance data and see the fruit of your labors. This article gives you tips for setting expectations for new campaigns, as well as tactics for increasing conversions and lowering costs on new campaigns.

5) How to Create a Facebook Business Page

by Brendan Barnhart

This is a very straightforward resource for anyone wanting to create a Facebook business page. Brendan takes you step by step through the process, and follows up with some tips for things to do after you complete your business page.

6) 5 Reasons to Stop Overlooking your Search Engine Marketing Plans

by Jen Echternach

Here Jen gives you five solid reasons to stop overlooking your SEM plans. Hey, there are millions of reasons but these are five big ones. She gives some great pointers on the advantages of search engine marketing and what it can do for you!

7) How to Create B2B Content That Engages!

by Brent Baltzer

Yes, this one is mine. I saved it for last because I’m a southern gentleman like that. Here I do my best to give you guidance and pointers on how to create engaging content in the B2B space. Lot’s of juicy stuff there!


Well it’s been a great year so far and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in our professional community. I’ve often heard it mentioned around the office how it’s pretty amazing how generous the people in the search engine marketing world are with their knowledge. We hope we’ve done a little bit to contribute as well, and look forward to doing it more for the rest of the year. Ciao!

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