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On April 25, Amplify Interactive went to the Edgefield McMenamins for half the day to get away from the office a bit, talk about company business & mostly just have a lot of fun. All of these objectives were definitely accomplished on that beautiful Friday afternoon.

After taking a quick tour from the experienced Edgefield McMenamin’s Amplify Interactive team member, the prez, we went and enjoyed some drinks & eats while talking about company business. After filling our stomachs with delicious food & spirits, it was time to hit the pitch-and-putt course.

Kristin wasn’t feeling golfing at the time… so she opted to walk around the place & snap some pics. Gotta say, she snapped some fine pics:

So the guys went onward, golf clubs, cigars & beer in hand(s), and set out to pitch-and-putt their way to Amplify Interactive 3-par champion glory. The prez, being the most experienced golfer of the bunch, dazzled with shots you wouldn’t believe. Julian, AKA Jesus AKA Inspecta Dexta, hit the green more times than anyone else (that’s what she said). And C-Block rounded it out with blowing a bet w/ the Prez and losing in a putting competition.

At the end of the day, it turned out that Ben pretty much demolished Julian & Christian on the golf course. But, looking back on that day, I’d be damned if I didn’t say that everyone at Amplify Interactive was a winner…

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