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I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day! Here are some articles the team here at Amplify found useful and/or interesting this past week. We hope you enjoy them.

SEMpdx Searchfest 2013 Preview

map of cool stuff to do in Portland Oregon

stuff to do in PDX!

We are positively giddy with excitement about Searchfest 2013 coming up this Friday. Our fearless leader Ben Lloyd made an epic list of stuff to do for people visiting our lovely little city, and the team made a Slideshare of sessions we are most looking forward to. There’s also a Ranker list for you to vote on the sessions you are most excited about. You can leave a comment over there if you want a $50 discount code as well, if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet. Which session are you pumped for?

How Microsites Can Show Your SEO Some “Link Love” This Valentine’s Day

Generally speaking it’s usually a better idea to put content in sub-folders on your main website rather than on a microsite. Microsites require more resources in time money and management, and can cannibalize existing organic traffic. Microsites really aren’t the best for SEO when content can be served under the existing domain. However, having a microsite gives you more flexibility in branding, user experience and can help you get specific, keyword rich inbound links by being less “corporate”. A brand profile page using social media is a viable alternative to a microsite as well, but sometimes a microsite makes sense. I like the creative possibilities and potential freedom involved in a microsite.

 Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: The Good, Bad & Uncool

Google AdWords has launched a new style of campaign called “Enhanced Campaigns”, and it’s got the PPC community all in a tizzy. In a nutshell, advertisers are no longer going to be able to specifically target devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. However, you will be able to mark ads as “mobile preferred” and use a “mobile bid multiplier” to serve ads to people that are out and about. I asked Amplify’s Director of Paid Search Ryan Campbell to sum up this change in a tweet:

Marketers have six month’s to adjust to this shift, so get to it!

How I increased my blog’s Search Traffic by 44% in under a month

Increase search trafficGreat post that explains some tactics for optimizing your blog to capture highly qualified long-tail keyword traffic. Included are techniques you can implement today if you have experience with SEO and Google Analytics. Also, this author calls himself “Kaiser the Sage” so for all you ninjas and gurus, the bar has been raised.

 26 Ways to market Your Business With Tumblr

Wondering if Tumblr is a fit for your business? This post gives 26 examples (one for each letter of the alphabet) of companies using Tumblr effectively. There are links to resources to learn more about Tumblr for business. This is a good post to peruse if you are wondering about what Tumblr is capable of or if you are looking for inspiration.

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