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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of possible ways to spend your time in optimizing campaigns? There is SO much work to do on a paid search account that you could easily spend your time and energy and see little to no returns. This weeks playlist focuses on ways you can ensure you are prioritizing your time to see returns for your employer or clients.

Amplified Gold Posts

  • PPC Split Testing: A good post on prioritizing and creating a frame work for testing ads and landing pages in your campaigns.
  • Improving Adwords CTR: A great reminder post on 5 powerful tips for writing PPC ads.

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • Pruning an Overgrown PPC Campaign: I love the analogy shared on comparing a PPC account to yard work. Both can easily get out of control if you don’t regularly “pull the weeds”. See some ways you can “pull weeds” in your PPC campaign before it gets overwhelming.
  • PPC: How to Tap Into the Power of the Persona: Persona’s have been used in traditional advertising for years. I love the simple way suggested in this article to start using personas across search and social campaigns.

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • How to Prioritize Your PPC Analysis for Awesome Results: Joseph shares a great process on identifying and resolving poor campaign performance. I love this last quote in the post “Optimization efforts shouldn’t be made on the fly. A plan to analyze performance, understand stats within context, and make changes that will impact specific issues should be part of your ongoing campaign management.”
  • The Best Bidding Tips from 18 PPC Experts: Read about bidding strategies from 18 different PPC experts. Similar to many experts in the post, Amplify performs a combined strategy of manual and automated bidding.

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