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What first world problems do you find in PPC campaigns? We recently audited a campaign with over 7,000 negative keywords! A good portion of the 7,000 were set to broad match and multiple relevant keywords were negative matched. PPC is a game that constantly shifts and evolves. Your strategy and tactics usually follow an evolution as well. This constant shift can be difficult to manage. Find ways to keep your PPC first world problems to a minimum with the 8 best posts from the last month.

PPC Campaign meme. my ppc campaign has over 7000 broad match negatives

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What’s the worst problem you’ve discovered in a account audit?

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I love this new sappy song from The Lumineers, Ho Hey. They’re coming to Portland in December but the show sold out before I could get tickets.


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Ryan is an Account Director with Add3. When Ryan is not geeking out over PPC he enjoys watching football and basketball. And then trying to avoid serious injury on his mountain bike, skiiing(when he has the time), and spending time with his family.

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