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Have you recently taken over a new Adwords account? Or starting one from scratch? If you answered yes to either one of the previous questions, then this playlist is for you. This week’s playlist offers tips from the last month to ensure you avoid disaster and plan for success during your hostile take over. If you’d like to play along share your favorite tips or posts in the comments.

Amplified Gold Posts

  • Text ad testing: his post is a reminder to perform tests during each phase of your campaign. There were also several testing ideas given.
  • 3 PPC ad tips: One of the most time consuming tasks in my day-to-day responsibilities is composing ad copy. I’m always looking for inspiration for ads. This post has some great ideas taken from infomercials.

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • 5 things learned from Don Draper: I can’t say that I’m a fan of the show Mad Men but this post is full of good principles you can apply to your search marketing life.
  • Scary Adwords data: This is a post from Wordstream. Wordstream recently released an audit tool and they share some of their learnings from doing audits on thousands of Adwords accounts.

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • Seeing results from new PPC campaigns: It’s important to set and manage expectations with clients and mangers. This post shares strategies and a formula to ensure everyone is on the same page when you are launching a new ppc campaign.
  • 5 tips for transitioning an established PPC account: This post has some great tips to make sure your take over is as smooth as possible. Managing PPC campaigns can be quite complex at times. To manage this complexity I personally LOVE check lists. There is a great checklist at the end of this post for you to use to audit a new account.

And now a couple songs from my playlist. In the spirit of Christmas here’s a couple of my favorite Christmas songs from my childhood.

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