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Pay per click marketing is a fast moving industry. There are always changes to be aware of and new strategies to test. I’ve selected  my favorite posts from the last month and ranked them as gold, platinum, or diamond. This month’s playlist is full of good reads but particularly focused on getting ROI from Google’s Display Network. I’ve done all the heavy lifting and now it’s your job to sit back and queue up this months playlist.

Amplified Gold Posts

  • Understanding keyword intent: Great tips on getting more granular with your keyword intent strategy. I’ve seen increased click through rate and increased conversions with attempting to understand keyword intent. Leveraging keyword intent in ad copy and bidding strategy are a couple good places to start.
  • Landing page quality score: Adwords announced landing page relevance has been given more weight in terms of impacting your quality score. I’ve been skeptic on how big of an impact this has played in the past. It will be interesting to see the impact this has going forward.

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • Pausing keywords: To pause or remove your keywords? That is the great question. Tom gives some great ideas on when it’s time to cut the cord from your keyword and move on.
  • Display network success poll: Are you looking for how to target your Google Display campaign? See where other people found success in this post. Remarketing campaigns have consistently delivered conversions with low CPA’s for our clients.

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • Google display network tips: Great management tips to optimize Google Display Network campaigns with Google Analytics. Last month I wrote about setting up what Brad calls a “discovery campaign“. I love the idea of setting unique bids on high performing websites in this post.

Did I miss anything?

And now something from my personal playlist. I’ve always been a fan of Cake the band. I once attended a concert where the lead singer of Cake got hit in the face with a shoe and walked off stage. Here is a good song from their most recent album.

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