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I have a confession to make – I got a C in stats class in college and I did not like most science classes. Now, my job is all about proper testing methods, pivot tables, and analyzing data….and I LOVE IT. If your managing PPC campaigns you should love it too. Skip the pile of blog posts in your Google Reader queue and read my 8 favorites from the last month that will take your PPC methods to the scientific level.


Amplified Gold Posts

  • The 30-Minute Account Audit: I’ve found it’s highly effective to take a step back from the weeds of PPC management and perform an audit. This blog post gives some great tips on how to perform an audit. If you’ve read my blog posts before you know my love for checklists and here’s another to add to your arsenal.
  • It’s Time to Give Microsoft adCenter a Try: I would have to agree here. I’ve been an Adcenter hater for years. The platform has come a long ways in the last couple years and we’ve even had a couple clients with better performance on Adwords than Adcenter. If you’ve neglected Adcenter it’s time to test again.
  • Make smarter decisions with the new Auction insights report: I love this new feature from Adwords. It gives a fairly transparent look into how you stack up compared to competitors in the Adwords auction.

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • 4 Secrets About Paid Search Agencies: I loved this article that gives a look into search agency life. As someone that has experience managing PPC accounts in house  I found that the article offers great insights into when to hire an agency and how they operate.
  • Using Pivot Tables To Perform Ad Reviews: We’ve used a similar technique to review small volume ads that have the same elements across campaigns or ad groups. Watch this video and see how you can apply this same process.
  • Update to the recent ad rotation change: I still am shocked that Google changed the ad rotation change. This was a huge win for the PPC community. Read how Google gave control back to advertisers to rotate ads evenly for testing.

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What have you learned from recent tests in your campaigns?

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