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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the blogs your supposed to read? Or struggle keeping up with all of the changes from Google? Don’t worry. I scanned hundreds of blog posts from the last 30 days in the industry and selected the best 9 posts from the last month to ensure you stay on top of your PPC game. Also don’t miss my personal music playlist at the bottom of the post.

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  • Applying The Theory of Sets In Match Types : This post goes into great depths comparing math theory and paid search keyword match types. It provides some great thoughts on ensuring you have the right balance of keyword match types in your account. Put on your math pants and see more.
  • The Changing Economics of Google AdWords : Wordstream is another must read blog for paid search. They have been crushing it lately with all their infographics. This infographic includes great stuff but what I liked best was benchmark data by industry.

My personal playlist…

I’ve been listening to and enjoying the most recent album from the Imagine Dragons. Here’s one of my favorite songs performed live:


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