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It’s always a fun conversation when I try to explain to people what I do for a living. If they seem interested at all I try to explain the difference between natural and paid results on Google. Every time I get the same response, “I never click those ads”. It seems most people have a natural aversion to ads and being marketed to. I always wonder if most people click the ads and just don’t know. Well, lucky for me a lot of people click the ads and the Diamond post in my playlist is a study from Wordstream that shows just how many people click sponsored ads. I’ve embedded the infographic from Wordstream at the bottom of this post. Check out this and other gems in this edition of my PPC playlist.

willy wonka - Oh, SO People Click Ads on Google Tell Me More

Amplified Gold Posts

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  • Using Visitor Flow and Site Search in GA to Prove You Need PPC Landing Pages: I love this creative and data driven approach from Elizabeth at Portent to make a strong case for unique PPC landing pages. If you’re trying to convince an employer or client the need for dedicated landing pages check out this post.
  • How To Manage Big Data With Pivot Tables: I’ll read any Excel tips I can find in my Google Reader. Annie Cushing shares a couple tips on Pivot tables that were new to me, including avoiding blanks and relabeling columns. Read this and level up in your pivot table skills.
  • Simpler, more powerful tools to reconnect with your customers—and reach new ones: Google Adwords updated how remarketing works. We’re a big fan of the changes over at Amplify. Most importantly you no longer have to implement multiple remarketing tags, which means reduced fights with web developers.
  • 10 Common Mistakes In B2B Paid Search: This is a great read for anybody managing B2B paid search campaigns. Unfortunately these mistakes are far too common in my experience. I’ve yet to see any B2B companies not making at least a few of these mistakes and the result is leaving a lot of money on the table.

Amplified Diamond Posts

What do you think? Is Google’s greediness going to leave room for another competitor? Bing?

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) vs. Organic Search Listings (SEO)

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