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Several years ago I had a friend majoring in accounting and had started a book keeping business on the side. I once had a conversation with him where I asked “How do you enjoy working with numbers all day?” and his response was ” I love working with numbers, there is so much to be learned” and I thought to myself “what a nerd I have for a friend and what a boring career choice”. It’s funny to look back on that conversation and think how much my mind has changed and also grown to embrace the power of numbers and data. A quote that resonates for me from the blogosphere for this playlist comes from Tom Demers, “Many paid search practitioners (myself included) take a very data-driven approach to managing PPC accounts”. Data is a powerful tool when used properly and seemed to be a theme for this playlist.

Amplified Gold Posts

  • “Our ability to participate and profit from ad auctions is dependent on a deep understanding and manipulation of a wide variety of signals.” Alex Cohen wrote a great post on using paid search signals. The post has 43 signals, which led to quite a long post. How about 10 signals next time?
  • A great post on understanding search user intent . Using query intent is an effective way to guide bidding, ads, and landing page strategy.
  • Testing landing pages to optimize performance in campaigns is not always ideal for a variety of reasons. If you or your client are looking for ways to optimize conversion rate without testing, here’s 5 easy ways to improve website conversion.
  • In the years I’ve been doing PPC it seems there is always a spirited debate regarding to bid or not to bid on branded keywords. I for one say bid. Although I don’t agree with everything in 7 reasons why nixing brand keywords is not the fix , it has some good points. George gets into part’s of the post I don’t agree with over here.

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • Rimm Kaufman’s blog is usually a good one. Using data to manage PPC is always a theme over there and I concur. I use averages constantly but it’s important to not get carried away. Read Average’s Lie for great info on when to NOT use averages. As a bonus the post uses the word “wagawaga” multiple times.
  • Ad testing should be a regular part of any paid search campaign. So, you’ve tested and the test ad has a higher click through rate than the current ad but a lower conversion rate. What now? Hello Profit per Impression , a great way to select the best ad when ad testing.

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • Doing everything necessary to launch a new PPC campaign or client account can be time consuming and filled with anticipation. What do you do when you launch and the results are not filled with unicorns and rainbows? Check out a couple tactics to improve new PPC campaigns.
  • Everybody has an opinion on landing pages. Sometimes when consulting with clients on landing pages I feel like this . With all the elements and different opinions it can sometimes be overwhelming on what elements to test on a landing page. Keep it simple and start with 3 low hanging opps to increase conversion rates .

Chime in the comments with any posts that you thought were required PPC reading in the last few weeks.

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