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Managing paid search campaigns is a delicate balance between automation and analytical thinking. This month’s playlist focuses on utilizing check lists and automating tasks to save your time.

Amplified Gold Posts

  • I love checklists. They are an effective way to manage PPC tasks. Seer Interactive shared 5 Things to Watch in New Campaigns this month. I have already used this checklist to monitor performance of new campaigns for clients.
  • How do you prioritize your time? Search Engine Land has a great post this month, Time Management Tips. The post is targeted at in-house searh marketing managers but there are great take aways for agency folks too. The main take away is to focus on tasks that have the greatest ROI.
  • It seems every playlist I include a post from The Eisenberg’s. What can I say? I’m a fan. Bryan posted a video of a presentation titled, 21 Secrets of Top Converting B2B Websites The video is an hour long but has some CRO nuggets for B2B search marketers.

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • I love this post from Annie at Blue Glass, Making Data Sexy. Great Excel tips and full of personality. I’m exited to see future posts in the series. Glad to see Annie “Bringing sexy back” to data. 🙂
  • What’s your favorite Adwords filter? Search Engine Watch has a great post this month on 5 Filters Everybody Should Use in Adwords. Filters are a powerful way to identify quick wins in your PPC campaigns.
  • Another good one from Search Engine Land, 3 Great Questions That Can Improve Your PPC Campaigns. A very simple and effective way to audit your campaigns.

Amplified Diamond Posts

What checklists or reports do you use to save time?

Temps have been dropping and rain has been falling in Portland this week. For me that means Radiohead station on Pandora. Here are a couple songs from my playlist this month. Nevermind the disturbing kids in the first video 😉

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