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Extra! Extra! It’s roundup time!  We’ve got some great articles for you ranging in subject matter from PowerPoint to “Productivity Porn” to Link Building, Remarketing, and more. So let’s get to it!

How to Make Amazing PowerPoint Presentations

from Lifehacker

Nice, a Lifehacker article! I think we can agree that PowerPoint presentations can be pretty lame. There’s nothing quite as sleep inducing as listening to an uninspired presenter speaking over a bullet-point filled deck of gobbledygook. There is really no reason for this to ever happen, especially if you read articles like this! The article covers some of the most common PowerPoint blunders and offers some nice guidance on how to make your next presentation pop, zing, and zippity doo-dah. Then you can dazzle your friends, co-workers, and customers with your newfound powers(points)! (I tried to make that work. It didn’t. Yet I left it there anyways. Sigh.)

Time Management for Marketers

from SEOmoz

Hey, it’s hard not to succumb to a major case of ADD when working in a marketing agency. So many different things, so many distractions and interruptions, what’s a marketer to do? Well, Ian Laurie has some ideas for ya. Nothing here is exactly original, but I think it’s cool to listen to someone in the industry talk about how they deal with these things. It goes on a little long, but I think this webinar will be of interest to people in the agency world, as well as anyone who is a marketing manager. Unfortunately the webinar is only available to SEOmoz subscribers, but here’s the deck from SlideShare.

7 Mistakes You’re Making by Overthinking your Productivity

from Time Management Ninja

Speaking of productivity here’s an article that you may need to read if you spend more time optimizing your productivity system than actually working (they call it productivity porn and/or entrepornography for a reason, folks!) Go ahead and read the article, but I think the point is nicely made in this public service announcement:

5 Tested Conversion Tactics You Should Put to Work. Right now.

from Unbounce

All of your online marketing eventually leads back to your website, right? So it makes sense to spend some time optimizing your site, right? Most definitely. Here are some great tactics to help you optimize your site for conversion. We’re using some of this to update our site.

SEO Link Building Alert! Paid-Organic Social Content Distribution is the Future

from aimClear

Use paid advertising to boost your content marketing. Many of the things that used to work in SEO no longer work. Don’t let this short description fool you, this is an awesome article and you should read it if you are involved with link building and content marketing.

API’s for Data Driven Marketers

from SEOmoz

APIs allow you retrieve data from a third party application and bring it into your own application or spreadsheet. This article gives you a primer on APIs and points you toward some good sources of APIs (for SEO, PPC, Social, etc.) as well as other resources. Check it out if you are interested in entering the world of APIs.

29 Ways to Use Remarketing

from Squawk

A pretty good list of ideas for using remarketing to meet goals that align with business objectives.

How to Compare your Facebook Page With the Competition

from Social Media Examiner

A list of 5 tools that can be used for competitive analysis in the social realm. Some nice looking tools here!

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