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PPC ScientistThis past month was difficult to find blog posts that were NOT about Google +. But don’t fret, I’ve found the best the web has to offer in PPC and listed them below.

The biggest theme that stood out to me from this month’s playlist was testing. Ongoing testing and optimizing is critical to the success of any PPC campaign. So put on your lab coat, read up, and get er’ done.

Amplified Gold Posts

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • Choosing a PPC Agency: 10 Questions to Ask A great list of questions you should be asking. I wish I had this list several years ago when I was on the other side of agency PPC management.
  • Data is a powerful tool when used properly in PPC. This post shares 5 powerful PPC tips to make sure you use data correctly to improve your campaign performance.
  • Remember the days PPC conversions were cheap and competition was non existant? I do. If you are in a semi competitive niche this is usually no longer the case.  Here’s a good post on why “You Can’t Buy More Conversions“.  Bonus is there is a pic of a terrifying baby after the jump. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face from past managers. 🙂

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • I LOVE THIS POST! Bryan Eisenberg outlines a simple set of 3 guiding principles to lift conversions and click through rate . Writing PPC ads can be  the most difficult part of a PPC analyst job. Use these three rules and make your life easier.
  • Another gem from this month. Wordstream’s blog is a must read for PPC peeps. Check out this post that provides estimates on average PPC bids ranked by industry. This explains how Google can justify continued failed attempts at social networks like Buzz and Wave. Let’s hope Google + doesn’t go that direction. But if it does I’m sure it won’t be Google’s last try.

Chime in the comments with any posts that you thought were required PPC reading in the last few weeks. Or if you are looking for PPC management services give us a shout.

In the spirit of the playlist theme I’ve queued up a YouTube playlist of 3 songs that have got me chair dancing in the last month. There’s some new stuff with a classic at the end. I recently added a Beastie Boys station to Pandora and have been loving it. I’ll plan on queueing up new songs for each playlist post in the future.

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