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In this track of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – Twitter Town Hall, LOTS of Google, Facebook Video Chat, some pretty Infographics, and more. +1, if you please?

Twitter Town Hall

Twitter Town Hall

  • The first Twitter Town Hall occurred Today, July 6 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time or 11:00 AM for those of us on the West Coast.
  • President Obama answered questions from Twitter users about the American economy. These questions were selected both in advance and in real-time during the event.
  • To learn more about this event, visit or visit to see what was discussed.

The Google+ Project

Social Engagement Tracking in Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

  • Google announced on June 29 that Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics will now support tracking of the Google +1 button, as well as other social buttons like Twitter and Facebook.
  • For those of us who have already added a Google +1 button to our sites, this social tracking will automatically be enabled for that button; however, your google analytics javascript code will need to be “tweaked” to track other social network buttons. For these “tweaks” visit,

Video Calling & Group Chat on Facebook

Facebook Video Calling with Skype

  • Facebook announced today that they will be partnering with Skype to incorporate video calling in their current messaging system.
  • This feature will be rolling out to everyone over the next week, but they are giving people the option to start using the service now by visiting
  • They have also expanded their current messaging system to allow for Group Chat..

Stumble Upon Widgets

  • Have you been wanting to share your stumbles on your website? Well, now you can!
  • Simply visit the Stumble Upon Widget Creator and stumble away.

The Geosocial Universe

Geosocial Universe

  • The Geosocial Universe infographic from Jess3 has been updated for May 2011.
  • To compare the data, take a look at the first Geosocial Universe at

New Twitter Email Options

  • Twitter is now giving its users the option to receive email notification when someone you follow retweets or favorites one of your tweets. This adds to Twitter’s previous notifications for direct messages.
  • This functionality can be enabled or disabled within your twitter settings

Oh, MySpace was sold. If anyone out there cares…

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