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We were challenged, we attacked, and we succeeded.
As an agency, we pride ourselves on the ability to always be learning new concepts, strategies, and insights within the digital marketing industry. With that said, we take it very seriously to always be up to date on our certifications. So when Google announced their newest challenge on August 15th, it only seemed appropriate for many of us to show our over-achiever personalities and competitive side. Immediately after the announcement, fellow employees and thousands of marketers and agencies began researching how to complete the 5pecialist Challenge.


The Challenge:

The rules were simple.
To beat the challenge, marketers must pass the initial Fundaments certification, followed by the supplementary exams. The additional exams included Search (formally known as advanced search), Display, Video, Shopping, and Mobile.  Don’t worry, you didn’t have to pass the Analytics test to complete the task.
But to make things challenging, you must have completed these certifications by the September 15th deadline.
For those of you that weren’t 5pecialist rocks stars but still want to pass your Google Partners exams, check out the Refresher Courses. All of these exams are broken out by theme, as mentioned above, and focus on the optimization, measurements, reporting, implementation and other core concepts.

Add3 Super-Star 5pecialists

Big shout out to my fellow work mates that pushed through those mind-numbing 90-120 minute exams and succeeded on being named a GOOGLE 5PECIALIST!


And an extra high five to:

Chris Kerrin, Josh Uhlir, Zoe Robinson, Nora Park, James Rauschenbach, Alex Lin and Adrian McDole who have also passed their Google Analytics Certifications.




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