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¡Hola amigos! The team here at Amplify put together some of the best PPC, social media, and SEO articles we’ve seen in the past week. We hope that this will help you stay up to date without having to sift through the mountains of content out there. Admittedly there’s a ton of stuff out there we’ve missed, so we’d love to have you share some great content that you’ve consumed (or created) in the comments. Then you can get outside and enjoy this ridiculously nice weather (at least if you’re in Portland or the Pacific Northwest!) But first things first… we’d like to congratulate our fearless leader Ben Lloyd on making it to age 40! Look, we made him a cake!


Happy 40th birthday Ben!

Now, on to the articles…

Eight Silly Data Marketing Myths People Believe That Get Them Fired

by Avinash Kaushik at Occam’s Razor

As of this writing this post has 120 comments so obviously it has stirred up some conversation. According to Avinash the eight data myths that will sooner or later get you fired are:

1. Real-time data is life changing.
2. All you need to do is fix the bounce rate.
3. Number of Likes represents social awesomeness.
4. # 1 Search Results Ranking = SEO Success.
6. Page views. Give me more page views, more and more and more!
7. Impressions. Go, get me some impressions stat!
8. Demographics and psychographics. That is all I need! Don’t care for intent!

Some folks in the comments take issue with #5, specifically regarding sites which have a revenue model based on selling ad impressions. Anyways, it’s an excellent article with a lively conversation happening in the comments. Check it out!

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

by Chris Sparks at Search Engine Journal

Many critical SEO tasks, such as competitive analyses and link building, can take more time than many would prefer. However, if done correctly it usually takes a good bit of time (especially if we’re talking about an established industry with established competitors with established digital presences). This article does a good job of explaining why quality SEO sometimes takes a while.

6 Expert Endorsed Ways to Improve Your Marketing TODAY

by Katie Burke at Hubspot

This article contains some excellent advice that can be implemented quickly. Topics include

  • Re-vamping your “About Us” page
  • Making relevant videos that serve your business goals (rather than simply “going viral” via cat videos etc.)
  • Press releases based on your buyer (hey, take it a step further and base it on a persona!)
  • Delight a customer (i.e. go the extra mile)
  • Gain influence by making lists of you target journalists and promoting them
  • Market your marketing

The 2013 LinkedIn Marketing Guide

by Kristi Hines at KISSmetrics

This is a long, comprehensive guide to LinkedIn. If you need to revamp your LinkedIn presence you would do well to open up this article on your second monitor and devote a few hours to working through this guide. Topics include:

  • Setting up your professional profile
  • Updating your profile
  • Growing your network
  • Increasing your recommendations
  • Using LinkedIn Groups to grow your network and/or drive traffic to your web properties
  • Setting up a company page
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Using LinkedIn plugins to enhance your site
  • Using analytics to measure your LinkedIn results
  • Exploring tools and apps to manage your LinkedIn presence

A Bunch of PPC and Google AdWords Infographics

by Matthew Dixon at RocketMill 

Holy PPC infographics Batman! Here’s 5 infographics to help you understand the world of PPC. Check it out!

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