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My attempt at desk decorating

Can you believe that it is December already?!? Hopefully everyone has recovered from all of the turkey, leftovers, and Black Friday shopping. I’ve been getting ready for the holidays and tried to spruce up my desk with some lights and a USB powered festive tree. In my last post of 2012, “Ashley’s Social Media Snapshots” covers: Instagram Embeddable Badges, LinkedIn API, Facebook Trims Reach of Brand Pages, and New Tools for Pinterest.

Instagram Launches Embeddable Badges

Instagram has been very busy this year. They were acquired by Facebook, launched web profiles (which I mentioned in last month’s snapshot), and now badges are available for users to embed on their sites. This is just another step that Instagram has taken to increase their presence on the web. This is great news for businesses, who will now be able to direct users directly to their Instagram web profile for easy navigation and increased interaction. Instagram released this statement in conjunction with the launch:

“We’ve launched Instagram badges to help you link to and promote your Instagram web profile. Instagram badges are available in a range of sizes and can be added to your website, blog or anywhere that you want to link to your Instagram web profile.”

New Tools for Businesses on Pinterest 

Does your company have a Pinterest account? If yes, have you converted your account to a business account? If not, create a business account now! With the recent addition of Pinterest business pages, Pinterest is rolling out several new tools and features that can help increase your presence on Pinterest, as well as integrate it with your overall social strategy. Here are a few new tools that you can start using:

  • Verification badge: Website verification allows you verify the ownership of the website associated with your Pinterest profile.

    Amplify Interactive Profile Widget

    All you have to do is go to your ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Verify Website’ button.

  • Buttons and Widgets: The ‘Pin It’ and ‘Follow’ buttons are available for you to place on your site to increase traffic and awareness to your Pinterest profile. Another cool feature is the widgets that are available, including a ‘Profile’ and ‘Board’ widget that you can use.

Facebook Trims Reach Brand Pages

Source: Drew Neisser, Social Media Today

A recent change to the EdgeRank algorithm has resulted in limited reach for Facebook Brand pages. The change in the algorithm was originally meant to limit spam on the homepages of users, which has become significantly noticeable over the past few months. Through my personal Facebook account, I have noticed a large increase in spam posts on my homefeed, including posts that claim that one of my friends “likes” something, when they never “liked” the brand or page. This shift has sparked some controversy, with many speculating that this algorithm change was meant to drive more pages to buy promoted posts. Rich media content – photo and video posts – are facing the majority of backlash from the change and reach has decreased dramatically for posts, as shown in the graph. Regardless of the intention, the quality and content of posts has diminished, as has the economic value of a fan.

LinkedIn Reveals New API Program

LinkedIn launched their ads API program last week. Previously, campaigns were managed directly through the self-serve interface. The introduction of the LinkedIn API will allow greater flexibility in campaign management, including real time bid and budget adjustments. Currently, the API is available to a limited number of search partners and is a closed program. To request access, contact LinkedIn and sign an API agreement by filling out this form.

Justin Timberlake Revamps MySpace

This look and hair are definitely not bringing sexy back

Although Justin Timberlake has no chance in bringing sexy back (I’ve always been a Backstreet Boys fan), he is trying to bring back MySpace. Earlier this year Timberlake invested in the outdated social network and the new site layout was revealed this November. The emphasis of the redesign is music and new features include full-screen videos, a simplified interface, and the ability to “connect” with friends. Another unexpected element of the new site has users scrolling from left to right, rather than up to down.

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