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Happy Election Day! In this post of “Ashley’s Social Media Snapshots” – Google+ Hangouts Enhanced, Instagram Introduces Web Profiles, LinkedIn Announces Video Ads, and Twitter Gets its Own ‘Like’ Button.

Google+ Hangouts Enhanced

The most recent update to Google+ Hangouts introduces a new layout and features that give the user more control in their Hangout experience. Invites, chats, and apps have been consolidated into a sidebar that you can show or hide.  The addition of the sidebar provides more space for what’s important – the people in the hangout. The new look is really clean and sleek. Additional new features include:

  • Notifications are now easier to read and manage when you are in a hangout. Announcements will appear in gray, alerts in red, and actions in blue.
  • Apps will be located in the sidebar and can be removed at any time.

Instagram Rolls Out Web Profiles

Nike Instagram Web Profile

Instagram is finally rolling out web profiles for Instagram users. The profiles are being released gradually (sadly, mine isn’t available yet) and will allow users to follow fellow Instragrammers on the web. Profiles are structured similarly to Facebook Timeline, which makes sense since they recently acquired Instagram this past September.

To see if your profile is web ready, check

Hey Facebook, Twitter is Testing its own ‘Like’ Button

Although no official announcement has been made, Twitter has started using new buttons that have been introduced to a small amount of users. The new features include a ‘Like’ button and a ‘Star’ that is slated to replace the old ‘Favorite’ button. These rebranding efforts will increase actions that appear on the activity stream and complement the recently revamped Discover tab.

Video Comes to Self-Serve LinkedIn Ads Platform

LinkedIn Video Ad

Are you having trouble fitting all of your content into your LinkedIn ad? Worry no more – video ads on LinkedIn are finally here! Details regarding the new feature are:

  • Video ads work with YouTube, allowing you to promote your presence on YouTube while promoting your videos on LinkedIn.
  • Video size is 300×250
  • The duration of the video cannot exceed 30 seconds

Sound off in the comments below to let me know if there is something I missed!

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