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Amplify Interactive’s fantasy football league kicked off competition back in September. The Amplify team invited our clients to join and when all was said and done, the 2011 Amplify football league consisted of 8 teams – BurresstedDvlpmnt, Domination, Cheese & Quackers, Whooping Cranes, Autobots, Leroy Jenkins, Ten Ton Hammer, and Where’s the puck?. Competition was fierce the first few weeks, but Ten Ton Hammer proved to be dominant and did not put a game in the loss column until Week 7. After 16 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, two teams remained: Where’s the puck? and Ten Ton Hammer.

Amplify’s (Where’s the puck?) Christian Bullock entered the championship game with a 5-8-0 record. His team easily overthrew Leroy Jenkins in the quarterfinal and beat Domination in the semifinal. Christian was the king of smack talk throughout the season and was confident going into the championship, stating “All my guys need to do is put the biscuit in the basket. Top shelf. Rats off to ya!”.

Crimson Trace’s Gary Killingsworth was a force to be reckoned with all season. With 11 wins under his belt and a mere 2 loses, Gary’s team, Ten Ton Hammer, entered the championship game with confidence and poise.

Ten Ton Hammer was forced to bench the amazingly talented Aaron Rodger’s since Green Bay had already clenched their post-game fate and wanted to preserve him for the playoffs. Ryan Fitzgerald attempted to fill the quarterback position and managed to throw for 307 yards with 2 touchdowns. However, Fitzgerald was sacked twice for 11 yards and threw 4 interceptions! Drew Brees has been a consistent and strong performer for Where’s the puck? and put together another solid performance with 5 touchdowns, 389 yards, and 80% completion rate.

Ray Rice was a key player for Where’s the puck?, rushing for 191 yards and running for 2 touchdowns. Ten Ton Hammer’s Chicago defense performed well, limiting the Minnesota Vikings to 13 points. However, it wasn’t enough to hold back the force that is Where’s the puck?. With a final score of 169.16 to 113.34, Where’s the puck? was crowned the 2011 champion of the Amplify Interactive Fantasy Football League.

After Ten Ton Hammer’s disappointing championship performance, Gary reflected on the loss: “Since I dominated throughout the regular season, I’m a little lot bitter about losing in the championship game to a team with a losing record! I can’t help but think that if the season had ended the prior week (like the rest of my other leagues – hint, hint Commish), I would be holding the crown. Instead, the Packers rested Aaron Rodgers, forcing me to start Ryan Fitzpatrick, whose bushy beard is responsible for my championship season swirling down the drain. Congratulations Christian – I mean Drew Brees – I mean Christian!” Christian’s thoughts on his fantasy football win, “Drew Brees was my rock all season and after a favorable trade with my coworker Ryan to get him (Rivers + Manningham for Brees + Boldin), I knew that – losing record or not – I would be a contender in the playoffs. So after I watched Sunday night’s NHL game + highlights for the hockey games on the 31st, I remembered that I was the league final with Gary. I actually didn’t check to see if I won until the next day, as I was confident in Drew Brees’ ability to help me win the league championship. And help me he did.”

The final standings for Amplify’s 2011 season are as follows:
1st Where’s the puck?
2nd Ten Ton Hammer
3rd Cheese & Quackers
4th Domination
5th Leroy Jenkins
6th BurresstedDvlpmnt
7th Autobots
8th Whooping Cranes

Congratulations to Where’s the puck? and for the rest of us, better luck next year!

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