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Last year we learned that Add3 was the 9th largest agency in the Puget Sound region in 2013 as ranked by the Puget Sound Business Journal. This week we found out that Add3 has now become the 7th largest agency! This ranking is based on top line revenue.

What stood out most to me in the report is the age of our agency versus all of those above us. We were founded in 2011, the next youngest agency ranking higher was founded in 2005. Amazing growth in a short amount of time.


It goes without saying, there is only one true reason for our success: our amazing team. Add3 is a group of passionate, smart and creative marketers. We care about our wonderful clients more than anything.

I couldn’t be more proud of our team and our clients. We will continue to work hard to push higher and higher up the list!


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Paul Uhlir

About Paul Uhlir

Paul Uhlir is the CEO of Add3. He loves digital marketing, Arsenal and his family in the reverse order. A salesman at heart, he has been building agencies and having fun doing it for the last 8 years.

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