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If ping pong was in the Olympics, Add3 would definitely win a gold medal!
Oh… wait. Wow, it is in the Olympics.. and man are they good! Well, if there was a ping pong table in the Add3 office, then we’d sure play the heck out of it! And we’d have a fine time doing it.

2012 Add3 Ping Pongstravaganza Tournament of Champions and Tim took place at our office on Dec 14th. Justin nicely coordinated this holiday competition. Add3 team loves ping pong. Everyone made use of this perfect opportunity to show their super improved ping pong skills.

Did Brian, Add3’s Ping Pong Prince, keep his distinguished title? Don’t miss it!

The Old Rivalries – Allison vs Rob

‘Allison is a formidable opponent and each time we play it is a battle for the ages. Sometimes ending in an extreme distaste for one another until cooler heads prevail.’ by Rob


A Close Game – Paul vs Jen

‘Jen and I fought hard. I was lucky to survive with the win!’ by Paul


 The Final Game – Adrian vs Ping Pong Prince Brian

‘Adrian has studied and exploited my weakness which is my back hand but I will dedicate hours of practice in 2013 to squash any dreams he has for trophies this year.’ by Brian

‘I always knew that as long as I trained hard, said my prayers, and took my vitamins that one day I’d be able to defeat the mighty ping-pong overlord known as Grand Master B.  Not to mention my 250-1 record against our office’s version of the Washington Generals– Mr. PKU’ by Adrian

Contact us if you want to see more games!


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