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Welcome to the first edition of ‘According to…’, a monthly post that offers insights and advice for various aspects of search engine marketing from different industry experts each month. This entry focuses on optimizing remarketing campaigns for the Display network. I attended SES Chicago in November and had the privilege of attending Joseph Kerschbaum’s PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display and Social session. The session was extremely informative and insightful, and I knew that Kerschbaum would be the perfect candidate for the first post in this series.

Joseph Kerschbaum

Joseph Kerschbaum is Client Services Director with Clix Marketing and has over 6 years of experience working in the search engine marketing industry. Lots of great things have been happening for Joe lately. A few of the accomplishments that he is most proud of are his book with Wiley/Sybex, PPC Marketing: An Hour A Day and “running a kick-ass results driven agency that makes everyday an adventure is another big (ongoing) accomplishment.” Kerschbaum’s favorite aspect of marketing that is unique to SEM is the ability to see results in real-time, a level of visibility that is not available in traditional forms of marketing. Optimizing campaigns to improve performance is also one of Kerschbaum’s favorite aspects of working in the SEM industry and he was kind enough to share his top 5 tips to optimize your remarketing campaigns.

1. Adjust Your Conversion Actions

Remarketing gives you a second chance to get in front of non-converters. Understanding why someone didn’t initially convert will increase the performance of your remarketing campaign. A strategy that has proven to be successful is diversifying your conversion actions. There are several factors, such as buying cycle and complexity, which affect a user’s decision to convert. If a lead generation landing page was not successful, maybe a simpler product page would prove to be more effective. Testing out different landing pages and conversion actions will the help you understand and predict the behavior of your audience, therefore increasing the success of your remarketing campaign.

2. Image Ads

A picture is worth a thousand words. If a user has visited your site, then they should be familiar with your logo and product. Display ads that are consistent with your brand and site can increase brand awareness and familiarity. Take into consideration this concept when designing your image ads:

  • Company logo
  • Headline
  • Short list of two benefits
  • Images of products
  • Call-to-action
  • Company logo

3. ‘Come Back…’ Ad Copy

Messaging that directly acknowledges that the user has visited your site can be extremely effective. Use ad copy that contains special offers unique to the users within your remarketing campaign, for example: “Come Back & Receive 15% Off Your Next Purchase!” This tactic can be viewed as a little creepy, but if it improves your CTR and conversion rate, keep doing it!

4. Target Segment Strategies

Precise targeting allows you to deliver specific ads to users who have visited certain pages on your website. Depending on how precise you want your targeting strategy to be, ads can be delivered to users who have visited your shopping cart, signed up for a newsletter, or your free trial confirmation page. By breaking down the behavior of these users, you can customize ads for each segment to bring them back to your site and help them convert.

5. Test! Test! Test!

Remarketing gives you a chance to make a second impression and finding the most effective strategy can be achieved through testing. Not every strategy will be successful, but the key to building a strong remarketing campaign lies within finding the right combination of structure, creativity, and messaging. Extensive testing will allow you to discover the ideal balance between all these variables and help yield the optimum performance of your remarketing campaign.

Kerschbaum’s favorite quote is: “The definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Joe is always focused on looking at tasks and projects from a different perspective, which is extremely relevant when it comes to SEM, as demonstrated by the 5 tips listed above. Kerschbaum’s final words of wisdom: “There is no time to rest: you have to continually get better and smarter.”

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Do you have any remarketing tips that have proved to be effective? Sound off in the comments below! Happy remarketing!

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