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While not breaking news (these changes were implemented earlier this year), Google AdWords made some changes to how master client center (MCC) linking works. The short of it is: chalk a win up to the Google AdWords team.

One change they’ve implemented is that whenever you link an account to your MCC, you will automatically get UI and API access. This is gravy.

The other change is something we’ve wanted for some time now:

You can now connect an AdWords account to up to five MCCs. What does this mean?

Say you have an MCC where you manage all of your PPC client’s accounts. This is a very popular way most of us PPC agencies have things set-up. However, say one of your clients has an MCC where they manage a couple of different accounts, be it because they have a domestic account and an international account or they have different accounts set-up based on seasonality trends.

Previously, you had to login to that MCC independently from your MCC, which not only took some highly-valued time out of your day but it was just a really big pain in the tush.

Not anymore! You can now link that MCC account to your MCC account, making it so that you can retain only one login to access all of your accounts.

Anyway, we wanted to quickly go over these changes for folks who were previously unaware. We’ve also created an Xzibit meme in regards to this fantastic news (click for larger image).

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