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It’s funny – I always read how the mobile advertising industry keeps on growing, yet I don’t recall ever receiving an ad in the form of a SMS message or anything of the sort.  Looking at the eMarketer report linked to above, it looks as if I’m not really part of the demographic that has seen a mobile ad.

I’m wondering: are these ads tied into those funky promotions I see on late-night TV where it costs you $0.99 a day to receive a “joke of the day”?  Or the SMS services to download ringtones or wallpapers for your phone?  Seeing as how I’ve never participated in any of these services, I’m thinking that’s mainly where these ads come to play.

I do use a SMS messaging service for sports scores for my favorite teams (Detroit Red Wings & Portland Trailblazers) but I’ve never received an advertisement in the form of a text message.

Have you ever received a text message in the form of an advertisement?  Have any thoughts on the mobile advertising industry?  Please let us know – we would love to hear about it!

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