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The value of social advertising has not always been clear to brands over the years, especially during Paid Social’s infancy. But at this point in the game, most marketers now fully understand the potential value that Facebook, and its younger sibling Instagram, offer as a marketing channel.

This is because paid placements on Facebook and Instagram continue to become better and better at helping brands drive measurable engagement and conversions by reaching a highly targeted audience. Add3 clients have a proven track record of success in achieving a critical lift in ROI when Facebook is added to their digital marketing channel mix. For one, the platform numbers speak for themselves.

With more than 1.5 billion MAU (monthly active users) and roughly 990 million DAU (daily active users), Facebook is consistently named the single best social source for ROI by marketers worldwide, according to eMarketer. While Instagram is rated third in that list behind Twitter, we can expect to see that gap close — or even disappear — since Instagram’s users surpassed Twitter’s late last year and have since blossomed to 500 MAU and 300 DAU.

Video has been a key component of this growth. Consider the facts:

Facebook continues to evolve its revenue streams…

  • …and the offerings it can provide for marketers (and users). The latest growth is seen in mobile, which is estimated at representing 82% of Facebook’s US ad revenue this year. This is not only due to its expanded video formats and diversified ad options, but also to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. Video consumption is happening on mobile, and Facebook is mobile.

Facebook’s video ranks second in social video consumption…

  • …and Instagram third among Millennials, numbers that only drop to fourth and fifth when you include entertainment video services such as Netflix and cable/satellite TV. While Google/YouTube are the leaders in the video format, it might be fair to say that it’s only the leader for now. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the average session on Facebook clocks in at about 20 minutes, with much thanks to user’s consumption of video on the platform. Facebook video viewing has seen 50% growth on the platform and continues to grow.

Even with these stats, not every marketer is onboard the Facebook Video Ad train just yet. Videos only make up 3% of brand posts despite the fact that they offer nearly twice the amount of engagement per post compared to standard formats.

To be fair, there are plenty of reasons why you may not have adopted Facebook Video Ads just yet. You may be encountering a creative barrier that prevents your brand from producing that winning video. Or, maybe Facebook Video Ads are untested or unproven within your organization and you are having trouble getting the buy-in. At Add3 we are here to help marketers, like you, effectively and strategically take advantage of this opportunity. Our next blog post will help you overcome the creative hurdles you may face, but for now, let’s focus on why video advertising on Facebook can have positive impacts for your brand.

Mobile Is at an All Time High

Facebook Video Ads can be used to reach users across all devices, but the fact that Facebook’s Video Ad format is mobile-friendly is a huge benefit to marketers looking to reach users wherever those users might be. Facebook’s mobile usage is extremely high. It carries 1.25 billion mobile users and nearly 800 million mobile DAU, or more than 480,000 users accessing the platform via mobile every minute. In fact, 52% of its users are mobile-only users. Unsurprisingly, 75% of Facebook video views are mobile, too.

Video Is an Extremely Engaging Format

As we mentioned above, despite the prolific number of photo posts a brand uses, video is substantially more engaging. In one study of nearly 50 million posts, Facebook video posts averaged 2,183 engagements whereas Facebook page posts with photos garnered 1,358 engagements. A Facebook Video Ad gives marketers the ability to educate their audience about their brand, and engage users in a matter of moments. In today’s world, it’s imperative to catch a user’s attention quickly. That is to say, marketer’s need to deliver those “thumb-stopping” moments. A winning video is one of the best types of media for capturing a user’s attention, even without sound.

For users on other digital channels, auto-play videos, that automatically play sound, can be both jarring and annoying. This can detract from ad performance and even hurt your brand. However, Facebook auto-play (which normally only kicks in when users are on Wi-Fi) is silent. This gives users the option to turn sound on when the user is interested in what your brand is sharing. This signals positive engagement with your content.

If a marketer is able to take advantage of the continuously improving targeting capabilities that Facebook offers (which we will touch on more in just a moment) and combine that targeting with the right creative, your videos will be more personalized, dynamic, and relevant to the end-user. The winning combination of reaching the right user with the right creative is a marketing adage that is especially true with Facebook Video Ads.

Video Integrates with Other Marketing Channels Seamlessly

One key benefit to producing videos for Facebook is that they can be shared through other networks and utilized in conjunction with Instagram ad campaigns as well. Facebook also makes it extremely easy to build video ads into a completely integrated, programmatic strategy.

For example, the Facebook TRP allows you to complement a TV campaign with mobile reach that drives consumer action. Furthermore, implementing a sequential messaging approach to Facebook advertising allows brands to first engage users with a rich video format, and then complete the experience with a more direct call-to-action. Integrating this messaging with other marketing channels can create a seamless user experience across channels and platforms.

Check out some more ideas we have on integrating digital marketing here.

Targeting and Video Remarketing Are Powerfully in Reach

Speaking of sequential marketing, this tactic works brilliantly as a part of a video remarketing effort. As you may already know, Facebook offers a host of targeting solutions across ad types. Whether you want to utilize basic targeting parameters  like demographics, or create custom audiences based on which Facebook users traffic your website, you can get your message in front of the right people at the right time.

For example, if a Facebook user that visited your site is a “female surfer living in the LA area”, the Facebook Video Ad served to that user could make use of compelling and relevant messaging, rather than a different ad more geared toward a father in Manhattan. Video remarketing capabilities furthers engagement touch points by allowing you to serve ads to users that viewed your video for three seconds or more. Marketers are then able to follow up with sequential storytelling using a combination of Facebook Video Ads, Carousel, and Standard ad units, which can create a more relevant user experience and increase results.

Facebook Offers High Frequency and High Return Rates

Much of our focus has been on the videos themselves, but it’s important to remember why we’re talking about Facebook’s Video Ads. Namely, Facebook can deliver multiple touch points throughout a user’s entire day: on average, people check their news feeds 14 times daily!

Plus, the platform lets marketers accurately track the number of unique users being reached by their Facebook ads. Most other channels and platforms do not have the accuracy and deep-data capabilities that Facebook advertising offers. Combining these analytics capabilities and Facebook Video Ads with tactics like targeting, sequential messaging, and TRP solutions, it becomes easy to see why Facebook has become a top choice for brands looking to reach the right people in an engaging and effective way.

Facebook Video Ads have a lot to offer your brand. With this format, you can reach the right people, using strategic and compelling creative. Facebook Video Ads offer marketers a channel to increase reach and brand engagement. It might be time to review your strategy and your budget, and to figure out where Facebook Video Ads fit in for you.

Be sure to stay tuned for Part two of this article, next week we’ll be covering how exactly to ensure your Facebook Video Ads are strategic and effective. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our blog to get the next in this series.

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