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How would I define #Postback16 in one word?


Postback is a two-day, jam-packed conference in Seattle that gathers the greatest minds in mobile marketing. This event is put on by Tune, who is behind two well-respected products in digital marketing and app analytics: the Tune Marketing Console and HasOffers. Breakout sessions and keynote addresses sparked conversation and inspired insights. From July 21st to the 22nd, we learned, partied, worked, and networked non-stop.

For those that weren’t able to attend and still want to stay in-the-know when it comes to the latest mobile marketing trends, I’ve gathered my key takeaways, recaps, and insights from this epic conference into one post for your reading pleasure.

  1. You Can Make a Song About Apps

What happens when you give a person with an under-utilized music degree a 1,000 person audience and an opera stage?  A parody to the hit Broadway musical “Alexander Hamilton,” complete with all things Postback, apps, and costumes. Day 1 sessions started off with an over-the-top, yet phenomenal, opening act written and performed by CEO Peter Hamilton and a full cast of backup singers (and if they were fellow co-workers, nice work Tune!).  Don’t believe it? Watch for yourself here.

Towards the end of the performance, the lyrics “There’s a million things we haven’t done, but just you wait” hints about the upcoming announcement and new tools being launched through Tune. 

  1. Multiverse is The Future for Calculating ROAS

Discussed in Peter Hamilton’s opening remarks, this was by far the most exciting announcement of the conference. Every day marketers face the issue of understanding how to calculate ROAS for mobile apps. However, right now many businesses might be paying ridiculous amounts for a platform to automatically aggregate the data into one dashboard, which seems odd since it’s technically the data that has already been purchased. I don’t know about everyone else, but we definitely don’t want you, or any of our clients, to pay double!

If they aren’t using another platform, many agencies are probably manually compiling data from multiple sources and spreadsheets. This method can tend to be inaccurate and a hassle.

Enter Multiverse, a one-stop shop to aggregate data and revenue in order to calculate ROAS.

50+ API’s have been integrated for ad spend, some of which include AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Ad Colony, and Super Sonic. There are also 40+ partners that will have active ad spend integration from measurement URLs. Lastly, every network that uses Tune’s product “HasOffers” will be supported.

Best of all, it’s Free (to Tune users)!

Moving forward, Mutiverse will be an essential tool for those with app clients and should be leveraged for robust marketing efforts. Here at Add3, we are consistently gathering data in order to optimize on a daily basis. By having the ability to calculate ROAS quickly and know which channels are producing top results, we can efficiently move the needle for the best success.  Furthermore, like other Tune products, I believe Multiverse will be very user-friend and easily accessible.

  1. Day 1 Closing Keynote: Ray Kurzweil Reminds Us How Fast Technology is Evolving

Ray Kurzweil discussed his law of accelerating returns, from his New York Times bestselling book “The Singularity is Near.” I will be honest, a lot of what Kurzweil spoke about was way over my head. However, the fascination and mind blowing nuances made me ponder how incredibly fast we are growing in technology, despite how much more there is to learn.  Even though breakthroughs have been made in computers, DNA categorization, and the developments in 3-D printing, our technology is continuing to evolve.

Compare this idea to the mobile app space. 10 years ago apps didn’t even exist, but now we are monetizing our efforts at an exponential rate.  I can only image where our attribution, tracking, and ad space will be in the next 10 years.

If I had to pick one thing to see improve in the next few years, it would be attribution. This was also a trend I heard was desired by many other marketers through countless breakout sessions. For example, it’s beneficial to understand where your customers are coming from and how they found you. Whether the traffic was direct, or they saw an ad through a web experience and then through an in-app partner, the additional data can impact marketing analysis and help drive more in-depth strategies.

  1. Tune Created the Perfect Space to Network

Let’s jump all the way back to Day 1 even before the musical number. The day started out with a yoga session with Adrienne Kimberley, and she sure put on a great workout! Not only did we get the blood pumping and Tune swag, but socializing with co-workers and fellow marketers was a great transition into the day.

Secondly, the sounds of chatter and networking were unparalleled. Having the opportunity to discuss apps, strategy, and integration with marketers around the world was incredible. The key thing to keep in mind was to always stay open, one of the three rules that Peter Hamilton urged us to follow. It was important to talk with others (strangers or not) and develop relationships with many other brands and agencies.

Prior to Postback 16, I’d never been to a Tune event. However, in a matter of two days, I was able to hear a best-selling author, meet one of my early circa-2,000s boyband crushes, and be in the same room as a Seattle Seahawk. With that said, they’ve set the bar high with this conference.

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