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Keyword research is paramount when it comes to the SEO success of your site.  Simply put – it’s extremely important to do keyword research to best position your site for keyword phrases search engine users are actually using.

Here’s an example: you run a small online store that sells shoes.  You sell different kinds of shoes: dress shoes, running shoes, clown shoes, whatever shoe ‘fits’ your needs.  This is your tagline, in fact…

In any case, a sample of the categories of shoes that you currently have on your site are:

  1. Mens Athletic Shoes
  2. Womens Athletic Shoes
  3. Kids Athletic Shoes

Let’s take a look into each one of these categories and explore if there are any opportunities to change the name to grab a bigger slice of the search engine traffic pie.

First, let’s take a look at the Mens Athletic Shoes category:

Not using an apostrophe in this category name means that you could be potentially missing out on 155,500 monthly searches for what you’re offering: athletic shoes for men (which, if you used that as a “category name”, has 3,600 searches per month of average) .  The Google SERPs are different for mens athletic shoes and men’s athletic shoes.  By using the non-apostrophe phrase, you’re limiting your audience.

The Womens Athletic Shoes category is different than the above example in that both “Womens Athletic Shoes” and “Women’s Athletic Shoes” both get, on average, 90,500 monthly searches.  So if we were to change the Mens Athletic Shoes category name to one with an apostrophe (since it has more people searching on that variation), we would probably (for the sake of continuity) change the women’s category to Women’s Athletic Shoes.

What about your Kids Athletic Shoes category?  You were previously putting both boy and girl shoes into this one category.

It looks like if you were to split up this one category into a Boys Athletic Shoes one and a Girls Athletic Shoes category, you could increase your potential average monthly search volume exposure by 122%!

The point of this blog post is this: you want to position your website so that it has the greatest visibility for the most amount of keyword searches possible.  This could mean adding an apostrophe to your “Mens Athletic Shoes” category or looking into expansion posibilites for others.  In any case, why use a keyword phrase that has only a limited amount of searches if you could target a similar one that has more?

Search term research is the first step we take in any SEM engagement. Need help with your search engine marketing? Take a look at our SEM services and don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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