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In this track of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – Google Places Photo Shoots, Lots of New Features on Facebook, Tumblr Share Buttons, and TATTOOS. Get ready to party!

Business Photos From Google

  • Google is now using Street View technology to do 360-degree photos of the inside of your business.
  • They will start with select cities (Orange County, Phoenix, Bay Area, San Antonio, and St Petersburg), but are accepting applications for other cities.
  • For more information and to apply for your photo shoot, visit

New Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook Ad Manager

  • Facebook has rolled out a new ad manager for select accounts. And let me tell you, I like what I see.
  • The new manager will be available for all accounts on May 25th.
  • Lovely graphs, ooOoOooOoh!

Facebook Launches Managing Pages in One Overview

  • Facebook now allows you to see an overview of all the pages you administer. To access this overview, click on the “Pages” tab in the left-hand navigation links on your homepage.
  • You can do quite a few tasks from this view, such as view / clear notifications, view total number of page likes and new page likes, see when the page was last updated, etc.
Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals

  • Facebook Deals is similar to Groupon or LivingSocial in that it allows people get deals to use at local businesses.
  • Once a deal is purchased by a user, a post is put on their wall stating they bought a deal and gives a link to the deal.

Facebook Launches Photo Tagging for Pages

  • Pages can be tagged anywhere that a user can view a photo.
  • For now, the only pages that can be tagged are ones that are categorized as Brands & Products or People.
  • Facebook’s example was a lovely coke can being held by a woman.
Facebook Sponsored Stories

Facebook Sponsored Stories

Facebook Sponsored Stories Guide

  • Did you know there are SEVEN types of Sponsored Story ads on Facebook? I didn’t until I saw this guide.
  • Here is a list of the available options:
    • Page Like Story
    • Page Post Story
    • Page Post Like Story
    • App Used and Game Played Story
    • App Share Story
    • Check-In Story
    • Domain Story

Tumblr Share Button

  • Tumblr now has a share button that is similar to both Facebook and Twitter’s versions.
  • This button can be customized to fit your website by changing it’s size, a couple options for color, and the ability to feature news items from your Tumblr account.

Ecko’s Branded for Life Campaign

Ecko's Branded For Life Campaign

Ecko's Branded For Life Campaign

  • Do you like tattoos?
  • Do you like the brand Ecko?
  • Then this last item is for you. Marc Ecko is offering 20% off for life at any of his stores if you permanently tattoo the Ecko logo on your body.
  • For pictures of the submitted tattoos, visit the Branded For Life Gallary.

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