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As you may have noticed, we’re doing some round up shuffling at Amplify and I have the pleasure of taking over the SEO news from Christian. I hope I’m able to do it justice. So without further ado…

In this post of “Jessica’s SEO Rundown” – Penguins & Pandas, Disavow Your Links, and Who’s Your Best Author?

SEMpdx’s Monthly Event – Penguins & Pandas

On October 9th, our very own, Ben Lloyd presented a Case Study at SEMpdx’s Monthly Event about the affects of the Penguin on search results. Below are some of the tips he shared on how to “get rid” of bad links:

  • Delete: Delete bad links.
  • Destroy: Destroy the offending pages.
  • Dilute: Dilute your bad links by getting good links.

There’s a lot more in this presentation, so check it out on SlideShare at

Also, make sure to check out the awesome video that was created to promote this event. Penguin Panda Style!

The Dos & Don’ts for Google’s New Disavow Links Tool –

On October 16th, Google announced their new Disavow Link Tool. This tool is intense and shouldn’t be used by novices. For that reason, Portent Interactive put together a great article on the Dos and Don’ts of this tool. I’ve listed the main points here, but make sure you read the whole article before you start disavowing every inbound link you have.

  • Don’t disavow links unless you’ve carefully researched them.
  • Don’t use this as a short cut.
  • Don’t disavow an entire domain unless you’re 100% sure every link on that domain is garbage.
  • Don’t assume that all rankings issues can be fixed by disavowing links.
  • Don’t file a re-inclusion request until you’ve uploaded a disavowal file.
  • Don’t become a serial uploader.
  • Do party like it’s 1999
  • Do properly fill out your file of links to be disavowed.
  • Do use Webmaster Tools: Links to Your Site.
  • Do think of this like rel=”canonical”
  • Do give it time.
Rob Millard's Author Dashboard

Rob Millard’s Author Dashboard

Who Writes the Most Popular Content on Your Blog?

This is a great post about how to set up your Google Analytics to track metrics based on blog post author. There are several steps to get this working on your website, but in the end, you can create some awesome custom reports and dashboards to be able to see who’s content is getting you the results you want.

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