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On Tuesday morning, Google announced some big changes that are coming to AdWords.

Initially, we feared an update similar to the introduction of Enhanced campaigns last year, but were pleasantly surprised this time around. The improvements will be gradually rolled out over the next few months. More good news: all updates are entirely optional and no existing features will be retired.

So, what’s new? Here is an overview of the Enterprise Tools:

  • Bulk editing options will now be available directly in the AdWords interface. Currently this feature is available within AdWords Editor, but it will be nice to have the option to update settings and extensions quickly directly in the interface.Bulk-Edits

  • Automated bidding is a great feature in AdWords and this new update will allow a new option: bidding to maximize conversions or the total value of conversions.Automated-Bidding

  • New Google Campaign Experiments will act as your own lab within AdWords. Changes can be made as a draft and will enable data based decisions to see how changes can affect performance.

  • Enhanced Reporting will become available within Adwords. Graphs, pivot tables, and data visualization will now be available. Hopefully this will eliminate the endless downloads of excel spreadsheets…

The announcement also included updates in regards to Mobile app marketing. With this push towards mobile, Google will be making several new features available:


  • Additional inventory will be available on mobile devices, leading to an increase in impressions

  • Targeting options will be enhanced. You will have the ability to target users based on the apps they currently have on their phone and their app download history. App usage will also be factored in, allowing a highly customizable audience.

  • You will also soon have the ability to measure conversions across  the entire lifecycle of the app through AdWords. This will include the download, installation, and purchases within the app.

We’re anxious for these new features to roll out and excited to try them out. Which new feature are you most looking forward to?

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