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The start of the New Year means that marketers will celebrate the top advertising campaigns of 2015 – the classic, Draper-esque Kings and Queens of Creativity, Design and Production. There will also be a nod to Media Buyers hitting TRP’s, timely Tweets, and the PR Masters who can spin the spin. But who will get the credit for increasing Branded Search presence during a key TV initiative?

Integrating digital marketing with Brand or Performance campaigns, Traditional Media and other Digital Channels will create a successful marketing machine, maximizing potential results, and making every dollar spent a smart dollar spent. Below are three tips on how best to deliver on this idea.

1) Digital for Branding or Performance

Digital Marketing could also be defined as “Measurable Versatility” – if you can dream it, you can do it on digital. First, define goals and then use digital marketing to help realize success. When thinking about digital, always consider the target audience: how does the user behave during different stages of their customer journey; how to best reach those users at the right time with the right content; and how can the user best take the desired action?

Here is a list of some common goals that clients ask Add3 to achieve:


– Impressions: Gross or Targeted Reach (Unique Users) x Frequency

– Video Views (3-second, 5-second, % Completed)

– Social Engagement

– Site Content Views


– Site Shoppers

– Data Capture (e.g. Email List-Building)

– Mobile App Installs

– Account Create / User Registration

– Purchase Behavior

These goals are typically measured through the given advertising platform’s reported results, as well as internal and external attribution tools. Through a clear understanding of goals and attribution modeling; constant optimization against the data delivered; and intimate knowledge of the tools, you will realize results on digital marketing channels.

2) Traditional Media Doesn’t Stand Alone

According to Google, using YouTube can help a brand gain extra reach amongst a target audience, especially 18-34 year olds. Based upon a Nielsen study on integrating TV and YouTube, “on average, shifting 18% of TV budgets to YouTube could achieve 4.6% additional percentage points in reach at no additional cost.” But, it is Facebook that delivers 3 Billion video views per day, and is the #1 source for video discovery in the US. Moreover, with the rise of Instagram advertising as a key digital channel for Add3 clients, using the top three players in Social Video together represent the most powerful opportunity for a brand, as long those channels fit the audience.

TIP: Consider un-capping Branded Search during Peak marketing initiatives to capture the most Site or App traffic.

The idea of Traditional Media is also changing. In 2016, “Radio” could be similarly synonymous with Pandora or Spotify as with KJR-FM.  Is TV still cable-service, or is it now really Internet Streaming or even App-based? While it likely still depends who you ask, one thing is fact: time spent on digital has eclipsed time spent on TV, and according to the Wall Street Journal, digital marketing spend will pass TV spend in 2016.

With these two facts in mind, the question becomes: how do marketers maximize results? The answer is integrating traditional and all other digital channels.

3) Integrating Digital Marketing Channels

The top question that I am asked by marketers is, “where in digital should I invest my dollars?” This question is often when coupled with, “We have tried ________ channel (Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.) before, and it didn’t work.” Well, some good and bad news: there is no all-inclusive answer.

What we can say when talking about where on digital to invest time is the following:

1) Understand the goals

2) Consider the audience

3) This is ‘all-or-nothing’ – there is no half way

At Add3, we classify channels as either “Pull” channels (capture intent) or “Push” channels (drive intent). When considering where to invest time and money, Considerations #1 and #2 will influence which channels will work best for your business or division.

Speaking to #3 in particular, if it is decided to invest in a channel, there must be a commitment to making that channel viable. Decide upon a strategy that fits that particular channel, and also with the marketing strategy and the brand as a whole. Then, commit the right braintrust, time and resources to make it work as a seamless element of the marketing mix.

About Me

My name is Philip Bruno. I orchestrate the concert of Creative, Technology and Media Strategy, helping clients of Add3 achieve their goals. I have worked with some of the largest brands and organizations in the world, but also businesses like my friend’s antique shop. I have a passion for growing businesses of all sizes.


Philip Bruno

About Philip Bruno

My name is Philip & I work at Add3, a digital marketing agency in Seattle, WA. I am a part of the America Advertising Federation, NWIAG & enjoy attending conferences related to the tech industry. In my spare time you can find me skiing, hiking & going to bars, clubs & music venues. I look forward to seeing you around!

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