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The movie Inception is this summer’s blockbuster movie. I’ve seen it twice and it has definitely stuck with me due to its clever plot, great visuals and fantastic music score. The basis of the movie Inception is that it’s possible to invade someone’s dream state and plant an idea in their mind in order to change that person’s thinking in the real world.


After watching Inception for the second time, it occurred to me that the objective of a search engine marketer is the same as an inception.

Search Engine Marketing is Like Inception

“Extraction” & Keyword Research

If you’re familiar with the movie, you know that Cobb performs what’s called extraction to try to gain secrets from an individual’s mind when that individual is in a dream state. The team at Amplify performs this same sort of extraction for each one of our client’s target audiences. Through keyword research we are able to tell which keywords the target audience is using to search for our clients’ product or service.

Once we extract that data, we then look into setting up our inception. Now, the basis of an inception is to plant an idea into someone’s subconscious. While the team here at Amplify can’t exactly induce any of our client’s target customers into a dream state, and perform an inception; we can do the next best thing and enhance the perception that our client can meet the needs of a searcher.

“Inception”, Perception & SEM

Optimizing a site and getting it on the search results page for a keyword that we’ve extracted is the foundation of a search marketer’s inception plan. When we put together the content that the target audience is looking for (as we discovered during extraction), and optimize it so that their content shows up in search results, then we have started planting the idea that the site meets the searcher’s needs. As a searcher (target customer) continues to refine their searches, and starts using our client’s branded terms – we’ve then performed an inception and created the perception that our client can meet the needs of a searcher.

By having a paid search presence for that category of search term, that individual will start having that synchronous link between the category of keywords he / she is searching on and the client’s website we’re planting in their subconscious. Naturally, having both an organic and paid search presence only makes the synchronous links between keyword + website / brand stronger, further improving the inception that we are performing. But don’t take our word for it – this study also shows that having a paid ad and an organic listing on a search results page enhances the perception of a brand and improves conversion, which is the ultimate inception!

Combine SEO & PPC for better click through rates Combine SEO & PPC to improve conversion rates

Don’t hesitate to contact Amplify if you need your product or service implanted into the subconscious of your target audience. Our inception techniques are second to none… except perhaps for Dominic Cobb‘s.

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