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Sphinn is a new social media outlet created by Danny Sullivan targeted for search engine marketers. Most of the stories that are being “sphunn” are ones that, naturally, have to do with SEM & SEO (though other articles like “Will It Blend? Iphone edition” show up). It’s a wonderful place to see a “what’s new” for blog posts & articles from search industry leaders.

So with that I thought I would create an acronym of “Sphinn” while taking each letter and listing a very cool feature or use for an everyday user to try Sphinn:

  • Search engine marketing news
  • Plethora of pay-per-click, social media & online marketing articles
  • Hot Topics means you’re seeing the most popular & recent articles in the search industry
  • Interaction through the comment system
  • Network with other search professionals
  • Neat & clean format so any user can understand & participate

If you’re a search marketing newbie or just someone looking for hot topics in the search industry, Sphinn is a great place to find all of the content – along with valuable user comment contributons – that you’ll need.

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