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Do you know about Google’s personalized results feature? Basically, if you’re logged into your Google account and have the personalized results feature turned on, when performing a search on Google, the results will be “personalized” based on your previous searching behavior.

Previously, this feature was an “opt-in” feature where you had to manually go and set this feature up. Now, Google is turning it into an “opt-out” feature.

Why this is something to take note of?

  1. It influences your perception of search engine rankings. When this feature is on, actual search engine rankings become distorted due to your search history and previous search behavior.
  2. This being “opt-out” means, more than likely, more individuals will be using this feature (whether knowing about it or not). With Google serving personalized results, it’ll be even more important for your website to show up from the onset so that a user’s personalized results doesn’t shut your website out of their results just because they’ve clicked on your competitor’s websites.

It’ll be important to know whether this feature is turned on in your Google account settings so you can accurately depict unbiased search engine result pages.

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