Google Can’t Get No …. (Customer) Satisfaction (This Year)

For the first time ever, Yahoo has beat out Google in the University of Michigan’s annual American Customer Satisfaction Index report by a whopping 1% margin. Google’s customer satisfaction score was 78 / 100 which marked it’s second consecutive yearly decline. Yahoo propelled ahead and scored a 79 / 100; just enough to eek out a small victory. had the largest increase in customer satisfaction this year, scoring a 75 / 100. Did the start-page redesign play a hand in this bump? declined the most with a 9% drop… probably due to the dial-up folks realizing there are other websites out there than their AOL browser start-page when they got hooked up with a new cable or DSL internet connection

Google – go ahead and hand over the customer satisfaction crown to Yahoo… at least this year.

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