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For most social media marketers the most frustrating thing about Facebook is their privacy options for users. Most Facebook users only share content (wall posts, photos, etc.) with their Facebook friends. This means we, as marketers, have no idea what the users are saying about the brands for which we market.

Facebook Insights for websites has changed this. We may not be able to see exactly what they’re saying about the brand, but we can at least see how frequently the website is being shown on the largest social network in the world. Below are the four main actions that users can make using Facebook to talk about your specific website domain and can now be tracked using Facebook Insights.

1. Facebook Organic Shares

Ever wonder how many times your website content is shared on Facebook? The Organic Shares tab is the place for you. This section of Facebook Insights tracks the total number of times a link to your domain was shared through a status message or a wall post on Facebook. It will also show how many impressions (or views) the post received and the number of times the link was actually clicked on.

Facebook Organic Link Share Post

Facebook Organic Link Share Post

The thing that we, as marketers, like about Facebook is that the users put a lot of demographic information on their profiles, which then carries over to Facebook Insights. Want to know if men or women share more of your content? What about clicks? It’s all there – including age, language, and country.

Facebook Insights Organic Share Overview

Facebook Insights Organic Share Overview

Are you wanting to know how many times your latest blog post was posted on Facebook? What about the webpage for your new product? Facebook Insights can even show you data on specific pages of your website. Simply click on the “Select Page” link right below your domain at the top of the page, put in the exact URL of the page for which you want to see stats, and the stats magically appear. There is also a sub tab for “popular pages” that will show you shares, clicks, and clickthrough rate (CTR) for your most popular web pages on Facebook.

2. Facebook Like Button

Most businesses, as well as individuals, have a Facebook Like Button on their website. It gives website visitors an easy way to say they like a webpage on their Facebook profile. The Like Button tab allows us to see stats on these like buttons – a lot more stats than the button itself tells us.

Facebook Like Button Post

Facebook Like Button Post

This tab allows us to see how many times the Like button was shown on the website, how many people clicked that like button, and subsequently the number of impressions and clicks that “like” story had on Facebook. It will also show “Like Story Feedback” – how many people “liked” the like link story or posted a comment regarding the like link story. Again this information can be broken down by demographics, as well as a page by page basis.

3. Facebook Send Button

The Send Button allows website visitors to send the webpage link to specific Facebook friends or groups of Facebook friends, as well as specific email addresses. When the link is sent to Facebook friends or groups, a message is sent to that friend’s Facebook Message area. When the link is sent to an email address, Facebook identifies if that email address is associated with a Facebook account and if it is, a message is sent to the Facebook account. If it is not, an email is sent to the specified email address with the message and the link.

Facebook Send Button Form

Facebook Send Button Form

As with the Like Button, Facebook Insights shows how many impressions the Send Button had on the website, how many times a message was sent from the button, how many times the message was viewed on Facebook, and how many people clicked on that message to get to the webpage. Demographic information, as well as “Like Story Feedback” is also available.

4. Facebook Comments Box

The Facebook Comments Box is very similar to most comment boxes you have seen on blogs. The bonus with this comment box is that it puts the webpage link and comment on the commenters Facebook profile (if they keep the “Post to Profile” box checked).

Facebook Comment Box Post

Facebook Comment Box Post

Again, Facebook Insights will show you the number of times the comment box was shown on your website, the number of comments posted to Facebook, how many times that post was seen, and the number of clicks the website link received. Demographic information, as well as “Like Story Feedback” is also available for this tab.

5 Steps to Setting Up Facebook Insights for Your Website

Now that you’ve seen all the great data you can get with Facebook Insights for Domains, I’m sure you want to know how to set it up for your website…

Well, here’s the deal, I’ll tell you in my next blog post, 5 Steps to Setting Up Facebook Insights for Your Website, but first you need to do something for me. Help me “Beat the Boss.” I need this post to get over 600 pageviews and you can help me reach this goal. Simply do the following:

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