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This year’s ISF Executive Summit‘s overarching topic was “Web 2.0: Social Strategies”, and featured some stellar speakers including Robert Scoble, Yahoo! CMO Cammie Dunaway and IBM Engineer / SEM author Mike Moran.

The first thing that struck me when I walked into the conference was that this is the Web marketing networking event of the year. The Governer Hotel ballroom was the who’s who of web marketing in Portland. I ran into a ton of friends, clients & contacts from around town, and I spotted more across the room that I just couldn’t get to. Apologies if I didn’t get a chance to chat with you.

The speakers were all pretty much on message with the Web 2.0 theme, and everyone kept repeating the following mantra:

  • The evolution of the Internet has transformed marketing
  • You (marketer) are no longer in control, your customers are
  • Engage your customer
  • Identify, embrace and enable your evangelists
  • New buzz word: “prosumer” (new to me anyway)

These are the themes I walked away with – did you pick up any other key messages from the conference that I’ve left out?

My favorite presenter of the day, and the most relevant to my role as a search marketer, was Mike Moran. His presentation “Marketing 2.0: Do It Wrong, Quickly” discussed some specifics related to measuring web marketing programs, and of course he repeated the “you are no longer in control” mantra.

My favorite takeaway from Mike’s presentation was the “Do It Wrong, Quickly” concept. Meaning, marketers today can’t labor over what the perfect campaign or message or web page layout might be, the key is to act & optimize by fixing your mistakes as you go. Mike demonstrated the point as he discussed the hesitation that many feel about the inherent risk in creating a dialog with their customers via blogging. His quote went something like “There is no risk in blogging. It is inevitable that you’re going to screw up. It’s a matter of how you deal with it.”

This point is all the more relevant to us as we labor to get convince some clients to adopt blogging – not only to support our SEO efforts, but also to engage their audience.

Footnote: I missed Mark Colombo from FedEx – but I was told by several people that he didn’t really get or understand blogs vs comments etc. And didn’t have a satisfactory answer as to why FedEx didn’t maintain their own blog. I wouldn’t mind some of your comments if you caught his presentation.

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Update (9/27/07):

Mike Moran saw this post and expressed his thoughts with respect to the fact that I think he’s a Genius. See his On Genius post.

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