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Amplify Interactive’s notes from SMX Advanced Seattle 2008

Christine Churchill – KeyRelevance – Offline Conversion

When to measure offline conversions? Most appropriate for ‘high touch’ sales processes where phone & in-person close the deal (mortgages, b2b, etc)

Simple Offline Conversion Tracking Methods:

  • Making assumptions based on sales
  • Anecdotal data (ask salespeople to ask people how they learned about them)
  • In-store surveys
  • all of the above are imprecise


  • Unique phone numbers, etc


  • customer tagging (cookies) & tie the cookie to cc data for offline purchase
  • unique phone numbers
  • pay per call
  • keyword driven traffic: match unique phone number back to keyword phrases used in PPC

Rich Devine – ZAAZ

Only a small % of your visitors convert, and if you focus on them – you’re missing the other successful behavior that takes place on your site

Most marketers are probably under-valuing non-converting keywords, but if you start looking at “other” conversions on your site and successful visits (micro-conversion behavior), then you are able to assign a value to them.

Akin Arikan – Unica Corporation

Study showed correlation between online ads & search. The finding was that when running online ads in parallel with search and then turned them off – paid search ctr & conversion down, cost to maintain volume went up.

Takeaway – take off the blinders and look to how other channels are influencing your success.

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