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The last session write-up I’m going to write is about the Search 2.0: Advanced SEO & PPC Techniques session I attended. The presenters for the session were:

– Hallie Janssen, Account Director, Anvil Media, Inc.
– Scott Orth, Director of Internet Marketing Strategies, GTS Services

This session proved to be more of a “refresher” for me but the speakers did hit upon some very useful tips & tools for those wishing to get some extra “pop” from their PPC campaigns & SEO projects.

The point Scott Orth brought up – about using an unique 800 number on a website opposed to print, radio, TV 800 numbers – was what stuck with me after the session ended. Placing unique 800 numbers on different forms of media can really help capture the number of referrals for each. That way you can review your whole multimedia marketing strategy & see what works and what doesn’t.

The session was a nice quick summary of some new PPC tools & tricks as well as some advanced SEO advice.

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