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I had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of sessions for this year’s Innotech Conference here in Portland, Ore. I plan to write a couple of blog entries detailing each session I was able to attend & highlight one key takeaway from each.

The first session I attended was the Media 2.0 Panel: Blogging, RSS, Wiki and Podcasting session. The speakers were:

– Steve Gehlen, Founder & Executive Director, Internet Strategy Forum
– Ray King, CEO & Founder, AboutUs
– Scott Kveton, CEO, JanRain, Inc.
– Kent Lewis, President, Anvil Media, Inc.
– John Hartman, Feedia

It was an interesting mash-up of speakers due to each speaker having a different point of view based on their work experience on media and web 2.0. It’s hard to really discuss one key takeaway from this session because so much was said, but each speaker made sure to talk about how “tagging” will be important as social media expands & evolves both from a technical standpoint but also from search engine optimization one as well. Basically, on social media sites like where you essentially “share” your bookmarks, users categorize each site by “tagging” it with keywords that are associated with it. For example, if I were to tag our website,, I would use keyword tags such as search engine optimization & SEM, but also more specific keyword tags such as portland search engine marketing & pay-per-click services. Using appropriate tags for your website is a good way to kind of “pre-qualify” what searches your site will show up for when users search on these social media sites.

All in all, a very informative session.

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