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SEO Meetup: Structured Data: It’s Like 80’s Hair Metal… 

Dokken thinks structured data rocks

Dokken thinks structured data RAWKS!

…which means it’s TOTALLY AWESOME

What’s structured data? You definitely need to come to this event.


  • Who: Matthew Brown of Moz
  • What: FREE SEO Meetup – Learn about structured data and winning at SEO… and how the Gods of 80’s Hair Metal might rock structured data
  • When: Tuesday March 4th at 4pm
  • Where: Add3’s new offices on Capitol Hill. 500 E. Pike Street, Suite 200A, Seattle, WA 98122
  • Why: To learn how to get more results from organic search with structured data.
  • How: Just show up – but we’d also appreciate an RSVP (see below)
  • Today’s event will also be available via live streaming at 4:15 pm:


or RSVP on Google+

or RSVP on Facebook (see bottom of post)

Q&A Preview with Matthew Brown

 Q: What’s the title of your presentation?

Matthew Brown - 2012 PubCon Las Vegas Photographs

Matthew Brown – 2012 PubCon Las Vegas Photographs (Photo credit: planetc1)

A: Structured Data: It’s like 80s Hair Metal

Cool title! \m/

Q: What can we expect to learn about?
A: Attendees can expect to learn the current status of what structured markup options are available and currently supported by the search engines and social media networks, and also where they should focus their efforts and attention. I will also discuss the relative merits of bands like Dokken and Faster Pussycat, and how they might handle these complex web marketing decisions.
Sounds like  it’s time to bust out my cassettes.

Q: Why do you think this topic is important for search marketers to learn about structured data?
A: If you’re not convinced of how big a role structured data is playing in most search results, check out this search for a great song from 1987. Is there room for anyone else to rank? Should we bother or just watch the video? Is Izzy still alive?

Watch the video. Izzy lives!

Q: Will there be actionable takeaways that attendees can apply right away?
A: I will answer these questions and provide easy-to-follow guidelines on how to craft your own structured data strategy.


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