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I was able to take a train ride up to Seattle and attend SEOmoz MozCon 2011 from July 27- 29th. During these three days, I:

  • Took 25 pages worth of notes
  • Met some really nice people
  • Saw some incredible presentations:
  • Drank a couple too many Moztinis (not sure I’ll ever drink something blue + alcoholic again)
  • Rekindled my natural ability to kill it at that basketball hoop arcade game
  • Reaffirmed how fast the online marketing industry is

While I would love to spill the beans and have a big brain dump here on the blog, I’m instead going to selectively choose some of the big nuggets of knowledge I got from the conference and share them with you. These are some of the items that I bolded in my notes that I wanted to make sure to not only share with the team at Amplify but also share with you.

Joanna Lord

95% of visitors who browse a retailer’s site do not complete a transaction during their visit.

Retargeted customers (through Google AdWords’ Retargeting program) are 70% more likely to complete a purchase compared to non-retargeted customers.

Good idea: drop retargeting code in an email. Who says it needs to be on a web page?

David Mihm

Look to utilize Google Mapmaker if you need to do some Google Maps changes. Like Wikipedia, if you build strong account history, you can usually go in and make changes yourself.

Bryan Zmijewski

Test everything. One case study – one of his clients changed wording for a navigation point from “new capture” to “new post” and that resulted in 25% more clicks.

Richard Baxter

He was all about using Excel with keyword research. Uncharacterized data in Excel is chaotic… but raw data can quickly lead to discovery. His favorite tool –

Ian Lurie

He does what is called opportunity gap analysis. Find the easy wins. Find the keywords that you have a good foothold for with low amounts of competition and create content to boost your rankings.

Hannah Smith

When targeting multiple countries, use sub-folders over sub-domains. A sub-domain won’t be able to pass any link juice to your main domain and will likely have problems with wrong content ranking.

Bill Leake

Have any big media wins or news coverage from a trusted source? Have PPC ads advertise for that and have the landing page go to that page. Sure you’re not getting that traffic to go to your website but you’re going to look like a rockstar in that customer’s eyes.

Stefan Weitz

Look to jump into The sooner, the better.

Matthew Brown

Look to combine long tail keywords onto one page. One page – perhaps 5 different long tail keyword targets. Google looks for a 30% ad to content ratio. Any more than that and your page / site can ineffective in search. The future is Linked Data (

Melanie Mitchell

There is a 32% increase in click through rate when your brand appears in both paid and natural results. There is a 57% increase in brand favorability when your brand appears in both paid and natural results (versus 38% in paid only).

Wil Reynolds

Use to find twitter followers of you / your clients to see who follows you and combine it with data to see if they also link to you. If not, these should be easy link opportunities. Think of inventive ways to get links. Why not look to set-up a 1k scholarship with your main targeted team in the name of your scholarship? In many cases, people are lazy and will just copy / paste your scholarship name and link. And this could also mean lots of .edu links.

Stephan Pavlovich

Why aren’t people converting on your website? It could be that they won’t buy (whether you didn’t have a strong CTA, you didn’t answer the questions of what it is you offer and why they should buy it) or they can’t buy it (broken buy process, barriers to registration, etc.).

Adam Audette

Limit cross-category links. Look at Amazon – when you drill into a category, they get rid of their main navigation and only have navigation options for the category that you’re in.

For products / services, have the shortest URL possible. Even get away from using the typical hierarchical URL-structure that many websites use.

Retail site visitors are 64% more likely to purchase a product if video is displayed on product page.

Martin MacDonald

This guy was just brilliant. Had some great ways to bolster content. If you have a non-transactional website, target informational searches, low competition, out of vertical but on demographic and aspirational searches.

Brian Carter

Sometimes with Facebook, simpler is better. His example was for Cowboys vs. Indians: he had an ad that said, “Click LIKE if you like Westerns!” for people who had “Westerns” as one of their interests and it produced amazing results. It can’t get simpler than that.

Avinash Kaushik

In analytics, compare % of content created vs. number of clicks for targeted keywords. See opportunities this way. – something he very much recommends every marketer to have set-up in Google Analytics.

Should you head to SEOmoz MozCon 2012?

If the opportunity presents itself, you should definitely look to MozCon 2012. The presenters were wonderful, the venue was great, and the after parties were a ton of fun. I’ll be applying the knowledge that I obtained to help bolster our PPC management services and our SEO services and really help pump out even better results for our clients.

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