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Back in April, our CEO reminded us about the importance of having in person meetings with your digital marketing agency. In general, I agree with his reasons which included:

  • The opportunity to show we appreciate this partnership
  • It makes everything much clearer and opens up communication
  • People are nicer!

Overall, the point is that… In person, you Get Sh*t Done!

Now don’t get me wrong, our desks here at Add3 produce a lot of work. However, the bulk of that work ends up being focused on helping our clients meet their logical needs like:

  • Account and channel expansion aimed at increasing lead volume
  • Keyword and bid optimizations that decrease CPAs
  • Restructuring and testing in an effort to improve return on ad spend

While those few examples are all crucial to the success of our client’s digital campaigns, they are certainly not the only needs that must be met in order to have happy, healthy, successful campaigns and clients!

Enter, in person meetings. We’ve found that spending time with our clients, in person, and even more specifically, at their office, contributes greatly to the ability to also meet their emotional needs. We believe that before we start jotting down a list of the logical needs of our clients, we should take some time to engage in a conversation about their WHOLE business, not just the parts that pertain to digital marketing.

Some of the areas we believe are critical to be discussed not only early on in the partnership, but ideally, in person, include:

What is your current situation?

  • What issues are important now?
    • Is there a new product coming to market?
    • Does seasonality play a role?
  • What is happening at your company?
    • Are you in a growth or maintenance phase?
    • Are you expecting changes amongst executives?
    • Are there new acquisitions in the forecast?

What is your desired situation?

  • Where are the biggest opportunities?
    • This could even be an opportunity for us to take on a task that really has you, our client, stressed out. If we can open up your day to do something more valuable, then that’s a win in our book!
  • What are your main challenges?
    • Is your boss overly involved or pushing on you for different things?
    • What will a successful partnership or campaign really look like?

What are your expectations?

  • How do you want to engage in this relationship?
    • Do you want to know every time we add a new keyword set or change a bid?
    • How many other hats are you having to wear each day? Is managing the agency a #1 priority?
    • How can we best communicate?

Lastly… What will it take for us to move from the current situation to the desired situation?

By having these conversations with every single one of our clients, we get to know their business in a way that we couldn’t if we were only discussing CPAs or budgets. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished by simply understanding the emotional needs before getting into the logistics.

I often find that when it’s time to go back to my desk and work on the long list of logical needs, it all feels so much easier and effective after these kinds of in-person meetings! And most importantly, this is a great way to build real trust and understanding between us and our clients.

Whether you work with Add3 as your digital marketing agency, or someone else, keep these conversations in mind. Is your agency asking you these types of questions? Are they attempting to have in-person meetings or focusing only on email communication? The more your agency understands your emotional and logical needs, the better your partnership—and results—will be!

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Allison Medved

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Allison is an Account Director at Add3. She specializes in paid search, display and video advertising. Outside the office she enjoys cooking, coming up with new projects around the house and of course doing those projects...sort of.

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